What is paint Doodler

Paint Doodler is free powerful online painting, drawing and image editing platform. Paint doodler is based on html5 canvas and is purely java script driven.

Paint Doodler is a full featured painting, drawing and image editing platform providing users with versatile collection of tools and enabling users to contribute to ever growing community of doodlers with new features through plug-in.

It allows you to be connected with the social networking sites like facebook, twitter and google+ through message posts/shares, likes and photo uploads.

There are quite a few free online free image editors. Key difference between Paint Doodler and other applications is that user can directly contribute/modify paint doodler code through plugins no other application allows this level of flexibility. Another unique feature of paint doodler is that it allows shapes and images to be resized, transformed and moved over the canvas to fit against the background.

Highlights of Paint Doodler

Apart from unique features mentioned above there are a lot of positives about the Paint Doodler web application.

· Open images from your computer or the web

· Multiple canvas layers to build your drawing.

· Wide range of drawing tools

· Good selection of adjustment features for improving photos

· Wide variety of Filters for producing creative images

Why Use Paint Doodler

Paint Doodler is for both professional as well as nonprofessional user, It is also useful software developer who have good knowledge of HTML 5 canvas and java script and would like to contribute to this application.

Its wide variety of filters, adjustment tools and blend modes allow user to experiment creatively and create unique and interesting designs every time. Dynamic canvas adds another level of creativity by resizing and suitably positioning it.

One more interesting feature of this tool is that it allows for selective manipulation of image i.e. user can select portions of image and apply transformation, and manipulations to only that portion of drawing.

Using the tool users can publish their finished drawings to their social networking websites.

Limitations of Paint Doodler    

Paint Doodler is web based software and can be used only when you are connected to the internet.

Paint Doodler is new software and some of the activities may require some help and tutorials. There are enough tutorials and video screen cast to detail the required steps. User can also discuss issues at online forum

You can click here to try Paint Doodler.

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