Canvas Layers

At the moment paint doodler system has four main type of canvas layers. Please visit for how to manage layers


This canvas controls the background. Please visit canvas management at This layer will always be present it can be made transparent if user does not want a background for the image 

Static Canvas 

Working with this type of canvas layer user has option to transform, crop, magic wand, color picker,stamp , smudge, pencil, brush, erasure, paint fill, gradient, red eye and magnify. Please visit for details of how to use different options. After an option is placed on this layer user can not modify it. It can be erased using erasure tool or can be undone using undo tool. User can add as many static canvas layers as he wants.

Dynamic Canvas 

Working with this type of canvas layer user has option place image from the local pc or a web url, draw line, bezier curve, polygon, circle,rectangle,triangle etc. Please visit  While using this layer user can move re-size or transform the images. User can add as many dynamic canvas layers as he wants.
Dynamic and static canvas can be merged together into a single static layer. Please visit for details.

This is the official blog for paint doodler app
Online painting,drawing and image editing platform for Chrome Browser Version 26.0+. paint doodler is based html5 canvas and is purely java script diven
Doodle Paint is a full featured painting and image editing platform providing users with versatile collection of tools and enabling users to contribute to ever growing community of doodlers with new features through plug-in.

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