Frequently Asked Questions

What is paint doodler?

Paint Doodle is online image and drawing application much like Photoshop in a web browser. Most importantly it is free. It has lot of image adjustment and filter tools. It is powerful as it allows user to create/ use and share plugins with ease.  It integrates well with social networking websites.

What are key features of paint doodler?

List is big but to name a few
  • Uploading images to social networking sites.
  • Dynamic canvas allows movement of images with a static background. Excellent tool for people who would like to use same image with different background.
  • Powerful image editing tools.
  • Wide variety of drawing tools pen and brush etc.

What Browsers are supported

Paint Doodler is supported on most of the modern browser. It has been tested on latest desktop version of  Chrome, Firefox,Safari, Internet explorer. Testing on the mobile versions is in progress

Are there enough tutorials?

You can find all the tutorials at When you log in using one of the social networking sites you will see list of you tube videos describing basic features.
Video tutorials are available on you tube. Visit

Video tutorial are very small in size

Video tutorials are standard videos you can make them full size by selecting Full Screen option on the play bar. Set the resolution to HD before changing to full screen.

How to login to paint doodler website?

Click on the social networking sites icon (Facebook/Twitter/Google+)  on the paint doodler home page

How to apply image adjustments?

In order to apply image adjustments to existing image add image to the canvas this will add image to the selected dynamic canvas. Note dynamic canvas allows user to resize and move the image but does not allow to apply image adjustment. After you are done with positioning the image merge image to a static canvas. This can be achieved by using menu Layer| merge with top. Note all image adjustment,transformation etc are done on top most static canvas. After you have done these steps you are ready to do image adjustments.

This is the official blog for paint doodler app
Online painting,drawing and image editing platform  paint doodler is based html5 canvas and is purely java script diven
Doodle Paint is a full featured painting and image editing platform providing users with versatile collection of tools and enabling users to contribute to ever growing community of doodlers with new features through plug-in.