Monday 24 June 2013

How to make image transparent on paint doodler


  1. Basic understanding of paint doodler interface
  2. Basic understanding of the paint doodler drawing layer architecture
  3. For tutorials visit

Setup Steps

  1. Logon to paint doodler website by opening using latest web browser. Login by clicking Facebook,Twitter, or Google + icons on the home page. You will be presented with a screen. showing text "The Paint Doodler is loading. Please wait" followed by "Paint Doodler is Ready Click here to continue". Click on this text.
  2. Paint Doodler page starts with a pop up screen showing start up tutorials. You can start working on Paint Doodler App by clicking on the text Click here to start.
  3. Ensure that static canvas is the topmost canvas layer. Image transformation are performed only on top static canvas layer. 

Steps to make image transparent.

On paint doodler app you can use magic wand tool shown in image below to make image transparent. Magic wand tool select all the area on canvas which have the same color attribute as the underlying selected pixel.  
Magic wand
  1. Select the magic wand tool from the tool box. Set the threshold level for red green blue and alpha for image. 
  2. Click the background using the magic wand tool.
  3. From the menu Edit|Cut to remove the background


  1. In order to remove image selectors click on the reset icon in tool box
    reset  tool
  2. In order to use magic wand on drawing created  through the dynamic tools described above  you would need to merge the dynamic with top most static canvas. Please refer to the blog post on merging canvas at

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