Monday, 24 June 2013

How to save image on paint doodler


  1. Basic understanding of paint doodler interface
  2. Basic understanding of the paint doodler drawing layer architecture
  3. For tutorials visit

Setup Steps

  1. Logon to paint doodler website by opening  in your browser. Login by clicking Facebook,Twitter, or Google + icons on the home page. You will be presented with a screen. showing text "The Paint Doodlder is Loading. Please visit some of the tutorials below while it loads..." followed by "Paint Doodler is Ready Click here to continue". Click on this text to start working on the app.
Steps to save image

  1. From the file menu chose save. All the layers including background are merged into a single image.
  2. Right click the generated and choose "Save Image As"  to save it to hard disk. File dialog will allow user to save image in png format.


  1. Background is considered as bottom most drawing layer and  all the rest drawing layer are ordered as per the  order shown on navigator-> layers tab.
  2. While merging the canvas source over merge option is used. Please refer tutorial on merge option at


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